Tree Moving

moving a tree

Travelling Trees Ltd. offers a wide range of tree moving services for small or large scale projects.

Reasons To Plant Or Move A Tree

  • New construction project
  • Property/site lines
  • Wind break
  • Memorial
  • Need more space/yard planning
  • Don’t want to cut a tree down
  • Wind break
  • Share as a gift

Moving Trees Safely To Ensure Their Good Health

The health of your trees is important to us. Travelling Trees moves your tree(s) to the new location the same day, promoting tree health.

When we move a tree, we also offer a variety of recommended services to ensure an effective transition.

These services include:

  • Mulching
  • Watering
  • Staking

If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; If you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.

English Proverb